The Numeric Zone Ltd. works on full accounting of various companies.
The company undertake – among others – to lead different areas and accounting companies responsibility under a power of attorney. Guarantees, primarily, a double accounting society, continued with accounting for all the problems: calculation of salaries and social security, tax returns preparation and sending them forward to the competent authority.

Our accounting fees – which subject is according to specific agreements – are paid monthly during the year, including regular accounting tasks and the end of the report and statement of tax. Exceptions are special needs that are special proxy. Also no special earnings represent the official control on the flat payment made by us during the accounting period. Similarly – enter into our service package – providing tax advice in simpler matters and requires separate quarterly consultations.

We have experience in preparing the report by IFRS methods.

We are committed, by agreement, a professional preparation of basic documents (accounting policies, financial management, etc. regulations), review the previous periods or restore again.

By the help of a specialist lawyer and auditor, we prepare the necessary documents for the founding, making changes or closure of companies.
Accountants who work in the two accounting firms are registered, of which three are with two degrees, two people are students of economics and two people are registered tax consulate.

If necessary, we are at your disposal in English, Russian, and Romanian language.